Jacksonville FL Computer Geeks

(904) 242-4244

Our Services

We make computing devices happen!

We come to your home, or office, and resolve your computer needs.

Our Basic Fee is $75 for up to One Hour

After the first hour, we bill $30 for each 30 minute block.

We setup or troubleshoot your computer, your internet service, and equipment such as printers and drives.

We install and setup your programs and apps, email accounts, cloud services, and your personal preferences and needs.

We setup and service the file and print sharing processes across your computers.

We setup, troubleshoot and improve network agility! ​

We design, construct and monitor backup systems, whether you prefer cloud services, or in-house equipment.

Our Service Plans

We visit you once every two month to resolve issues, run cleanup routines,
update the operating system and your personal software, check antivirus and backup software. 

Plus, we will be on call for you whenever you are in need of assistance.

Homes and Offices
with One Computer

One Year Service Plan


Homes and Offices
with up to Five Computers

Six Month Service Plan


*Our Service Plans do not include replacing Hardware, Components, or Peripherals.

Businesses currently using our Service Plan

(listed in alphabetical order)

Allied Adjusters, Inc.

(904) 396-0261

Association Management

(904) 285-9894

Consignment Boat Sales

(904) 249-6225

Freedom Heating
and Air Conditioning Inc.

(904) 571-4812

Mayport Car Care Center

(904) 246-4805

Odom's Beaches
Tree Service

(904) 246-6366

S. Perry Penland, Jr. P.A. Attorney and Counselor at Law

(904) 396-0261